Introducing the all new PHQ230

A revolutionary new jackleg drill incorporating the best features from many existing drills and some brand new ideas and features designed exclusively by PHQ.

PHQ230JHAVML Jackleg Drill

  • Vibration at the operators hand reduced 50%
  • Special de-icing muffler noise reduced 50%
  • Weighs 20% less than a standard S250M3 drill
  • Weighs 10% less than a PHQ250JHAVML drill
  • New water off and on eliminates automatic valve
  • Leg pivot point further forward for more push
  • Drills 20% faster than 250 drills in lengthy testing
  • Independently tested 6 months at NORCAT Sudbury
  • Better balance for less operator fatigue and injuries
  • Uncomplicated drill is very easy to repair

Five prototype drills were built in 2015 and PHQ purchased testing time at NORCAT in Sudbury. Over a period of six months the drill was run in regular drilling production at the test mine by experienced supervisors and mining trainees to enthusiastic reviews. PHQ brought representatives of several mining companies and mining contractors to run the drills at NORCAT and feel fully confident we will have a successful launch. The first batch of fifty drills are well on the way to production and we plan to introduce the drill by summer 2016.