Candrill – Water Powered Drill

Candrill water powered rockdrills are simple, robust, reliable and cost-effective. They are suitable for operation as jack leg drills, for roof bolting and for rig-mounted drilling operation. The drills operate at high drilling rates and with independent rotation and hammer operation are excellent for use in fractured rock. Low mass, excellent handling and ergonomic design increase operator productivity and safety. Low noise levels (105dba) and low vibration levels greatly reduce the risk of occupational heath hazards.

Micro-hydro-powered mining is the application of water-powered mining equipment on a small scale. Typical applications include stoping, high-speed development work, mining of pillars and remnant areas, new working areas or areas,. Localized water pumps are coupled to water drills to form production units of 1 to 4 working drills. The pumps are supplied with mine service water, approximately 65% of the drill exhaust water can be re-circulated to the pumps. Water jet cleaning guns, rock loaders and other hydro-powered equipment can be powered by the same power pack.

Features of the Novatek CanDrill and CanStoper

  • Excellent handling – Low weight, low thrust, ergonomic balanced design, and low vibration due to using water pressure in the leg.
  • Faster drilling rates – Up to 50% improvement in penetration in all types of rock
  • Improved drill bit & steel life – 25% improvement in steel life due to removal of bounce in the leg using high water pressure for positive feed power, and more push.
  • Light weight – Jackleg drill c/w leg total weight is 38kg (84lbs) – Stoper drill c/w leg total weight is 37kg (82lbs)
  • Improved visibility and no pollution – No air misted oil to pollute the working environment or cloud up the work area as is common with pneumatic drills.
  • Low noise output 105dB(A) – Significant decline in operator hearing loss (ear plugs and muffs recommended to prevent any hearing loss)
  • Low handle vibration levels – Reduction in operator fatigue and “hand-arm vibration” (“white finger”) syndrome
  • Simple maintenance – fewer moving parts than pneumatic drills
  • Robust reliable design – parts are precision manufactured using superior metals

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