Rotation Lock - PHQ36IR Drill set up

Over the last year, Safety in Mining has become extremely important when it comes to Rotation.

With the new mining and safety regulations, Most mines are requiring a Lock on the remote control panel on the PHQ36IR Drill set up.

They have requested that we introduce a lock that will lock the rotation of the drill in the neutral position.

In the past, there have been many versions of a lock introduced that have been a manual type lock.

Usually in the form of a plate that the miner engages while the rotation lever on the Remote control is in the neutral position.

As this device is Manual, at times it is not being engaged or being used correctly so some of the mines have asked for this Rotation Lock to be automatic.

PHQ has designed a Rotation Lock that needs to be engaged by the miner, but will automatically lock when passed by the Neutral position.

This locking system can be retro fitted to any existing remote panel most commonly the 21002 remote, I have attached a Parts breakdown, as well as a short video of the Safety lock in operation.

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Remote Control

Automatic Lock on the Rotation Valve