A portable rugged piston-type air motor design available only from PHQ. Fast, efficient drilling. Easy to set up. Variety of feeds and speeds. Drill rotates 360° for operation at any angle. Lightweight JV piston motor operates efficiently over pressure range of 50 to 110 psi (3.5 to 7.5 bar). Ideal for restricted, confined areas. Easily dismantled for transportation and relocation.

  • Capacity w/AW aluminum rods 510ft vertical 950ft horizontal
  • Capacity w/AW aluminum rods 155m vertical 290m horizontal
  • Weight JVA drill with rod puller 497lbs (225kg)
  • Weight JVA drill less rod puller 383 lbs (174kg)
  • Four easily selected feed speeds - wide range of penetration speed
  • Feed travel 22in (559mm) 25 revolutions per 1in (25mm) travel
  • Two jaw safety chuck left hand rotation
  • Powerful JV "V" Piston Type motor develops 27hp (20kw) @ 2000rpm
  • Operates efficiently at high or low air pressure
  • Rugged mounting available on PHQ Column Bar c/w Ratchet Jacks
  • Supplied with complete JKS parts, repair and operating manual.

Required: Adobe Acrobat Reader