PHQ-F61 New Twin Feed

Parts HeadQuarters Inc new 1.5 gallon capacity lubricators for pneumatic long-hole drills and diamond drills.

Rugged welded construction airline lubricator featuring a large 2-1/2″ air inlet and twin 1-1/2″ outlets providing maximum air flow and volume.

Air is filtered through a stainless steel screen and rock drill oil is metered by separate needle point adjusting valves. No orifices to replace winter or summer.

A 1.5 gallon (6.1 liter) capacity, in-line-oiler providing controlled flow air misted rock drill oil or grease at normal operating temperatures.

Optional handle and extension for filler port available on request.

The F61may be used with Vultrex-000 grease, to reduce air mist, improve ambient air quality and improve lubrication at the same time. PHQ-F61

The hiss of escaping air alerts the operator that the lubricator body is pressurized before the Safety Filler Cap can be unscrewed all the way out.



F61 Lubricators can be used with most Long-hole Drill Assemblies

F61 Lubricators can be used with a header with several ports for as many as six hand held drills. Carrying Handle Optional and Filler Port Extension Optional.


F61 Lubricator – Specifications
ITEM SPECs(Inches) SPECs(Meter)
Length 11.75 in 300 mm
Width 12.25 in 311 mm
Height 10.35 in 262 mm
Extension 5.25 in 134mm
Weight Empty 44 lb 20 kg
Capacity 1.5 gal 6.8 liter

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