Long Tom Jumbo

Parts HeadQuarters Inc provides PHQ2000 two boom and PHQ3000 three boom rubber tired or rail mounted Long Tom Drill Jumbo’s suitable for mounting jackleg drills.

PHQ2067 Two Boom Long Tom equipped with JOY AL67MLT Muffled Rock Drills provides the power and torque of heavier 3.25 inch (83mm) bore pneumatic JOY AL67 rock drills.

PHQ3250 Three Boom Long Tom equipped with PHQ250LTM Muffled Rock Drills with a 3.125 inch (80mm) bore allows for interchange of replacement parts with existing fleets of 250 and 260 jackleg and stoper drills.

The uni-body welded 3/4″ steel plate drill carrier is powered by the same reliable pneumatic traction motors driving PHQ’s Long Hole Drill Carriers. Parts are interchangeable.

Rugged and simplistic design of the proven boom technology and solid rubber tires on the drill carrier insures the jumbo is always in service and underground at the working face drilling holes. Long Tom Jumbos are seldom sidelined to the repair shop.