Sheave Block

Forged steel construction clean simple design. A combination of forged steel construction and design that eliminates loose small cross section parts make the JOY sheave blocks rugged and dependable. Forged steel with its inherent advantages of grain size and favourable grain slip planes material density and closely controlled cross-sections give PHQ’s sheave block components maximum strength that will resist breakage without sacrificing weight. All major parts are forged (except the sheave wheel itself).

The sheave wheel is cast from high quality nodular iron and heat treated for maximum wear life. Outer diameters of the wheel are recessed into both side plates, to prevent rope from jamming next to the plates and to reduce wire rope wear.

JOY sheave block locking mechanism is designed as quick opening for rope insertion eliminating the need for inserting or removing cotter pins or nuts resulting in safer and more efficient operation. Large throat openings with flared side plates allows square knots tied in rope to pass unrestricted.

Blocks are pull tested at Ontario Testing Laboratory to excess of triple their rated weight capacity. Safe rated weight capacity is shown on all blocks. Pull test report is available on request

JOY Heavy Duty Sheave Blocks

Sheave Size 6" 6"
Part Number X4106-18 X4108-49
Style Number 49-8 50-B
Max Size of Rope Used 1/2" 5/8"
Maximum Capacity 6,000 lb. - 2428.2 kg 8,000 lb. - 3237.6 kg
Recommended for Hoist and Slusher Sizes in HP 5 to 15 5 to 30
Throat Opening - Width 1-9/16" 1-11/16"
Throat Opening - Height 1-5/8" 2-1/8"
Length Overall 15-3/8" 18-3/4"
Width Overall 7-1/8" 9"
Weight 22 lb. - 8.9 kg 45 lb. - 18.2 kg
Stock Item Stock Item

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