Two men carry a Winkie Drill. Helicopter the unit into remote drill sites. Vary Drilling Speed, a 2 speed transmission, maximizes drilling speed. Unipress frame enables steady feed pressure with minimum exertion. Minimize change time & operator fatigue with a Winkie Tripod & Winch Aluminum Drill Rods are light and easier to transport and to hoist.

  • Gasoline 2 cycle air cooled 10hp engine @ 400rpm.
  • Oil bath gear shift transmission.
  • Unipress hand feed, centrifugal clutch.
  • Maximum bit speed 1200 to 2800 rpm.
  • Weight : Drill 85lbs Feed 100lbs.
    Hole Depth Core Size:
  • Core Barrel: E-core Thin kerf IAWS
  • Core Diameter 0.995" (25.2 mm)
  • Hole Diameter 1.485" (37 mm)
  • Depth: 450-500 ft (135-150 m)
    Hole Depth Core Size:
  • Core Barrel: A-core Thin kerf IAWS
  • Core Diameter 1.385" (35.1 mm)
  • Hole Diameter 1.89" (48mm)
  • Depth: 350-400 ft (105-120 m)

Reconditioned drills are build from good quality used drills, thoroughly examined to ensure housings are not damaged or worn. Worn working parts are replaced with special attention to gears. Reconditioned Winkie Drills with two speed gear shift transmission, new clutch, new 10HP air cooled engine, and rebuilt mechanical pull down approximately $15,000

This JKS Winkie with Five Foot Feed Assembly was mounted on a customized platform rig built by our customer Aurora GeoSciences and pulled to a drill site in the bush. The drill is easily moved, set up and operated by a driller and a helper. Holes are drilled using light-weight aluminum drill rods.

Winkie Diamond Drill Statistics Capacity:

  • Core Barrel E-core Thin kerf IEWS
  • Core Diameter 0.995″ (25.2 mm)
  • Hole Diameter 1 1/2″ (38mm)
  • Depth: 425 to 475 ft (130 to 145 m).
  • Core Barrel: A-core Thin kerf IAWS
  • Core Diameter 1.385″ (35.1 mm)
  • Hole Diameter 1.89″ (48mm)
  • Depth: 350 to 400 ft (105 to 120 m)

Prospectors, Road Crews, Fly-in-Projects, Exploration Teams, Contractors, Geologists, Miners, Surveryors, Rock Hounds.

New Drill, Rebuilt Drill, Used Drill, Tools, Bits and Drill Steel.

PHQ buys used drills to recondition for re-sale. If you have a used drill you want to sell contact us, and we will make an offer for it.

We also buy surplus new drills, and stocks of surplus parts for those drills. We use the parts to recondition used drills for resale.

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