Reconditioned Atlas Copco BBC100

Drifter/Light Long-hole Drill – New drills not available (obsolete drill)

The BBC100 drill is a rock drill for drifting, tunnelling benching and light long-hole production drilling. PHQ does not supply a full range of parts for the BBC100.

The drill is commonly used with 32mm (1 1/4″) extension drills steel equipment and is suitable for both underground and surface work.

The BBC10 drill has reversible rotation, which can also be disengaged so that only the impact mechanism works.

Air or water flushing of drill cuttings is possible, and all drill functions are operated from a remote control unit.

The drill is usually mounted on a BMS Feed Assembly and used on a Copco Drill Wagon

PHQBMS Screw Feeds give:

  • Maximum possible effective feed length even in confined spaces
  • High drilling precision – smooth cradle movement in accurate guidance
  • Reduced drill steel costs through positive alignment
  • Long wearing life due to precision metal guide ways
  • Low weight aluminum alloy guide shell base lowers overall weight
  • Replaceable cradle ensures longer life for rock drills


Items Specs (In/lb) Specs (Mm/kg)
Weight of drill 144 lb 65.2 kg
Length of drill 30 in 770 mm
Piston Bore 4 in 100 mm
Stroke Length 2.3125 in 60 mm
Impact Rate 2150 blow per minute 2150 blow per minute
Impact Power 9.6 Hp 7.2 kW
Rotation Speed 0 to 180 revolutions /min 0 to 180 revolutions /min
Maximum Torque 665 lb force ft 900 Nm
Working Air Pressure Nominal 85 psi Optimal 100 psi Nominal 5.8 Bar Optimal 7 Bar
Maximum Air Consumption 261 cfm @ 85 psi 7.4 m3/min @ 5.8 Bar
Air Flushing 1.5 cfm 45 liters / min
Water Flushing 10 gal / min 58 liters / min
Optimum Hole Diameter 1 3/8 in to 2.5 in 35mm to 64mm
Efficient Hole Depth 60 ft @ 1 3/8 in to 15 ft @ 2 in 20 m @ 35 mm to 5 m @ 57 mm
Drill Steel Size R25 (1.0 in) R32 (1.25 in) R25 (25 MM) R32 (32 mm)
Hose Sizes Air 1.5 in Water 0.75 inc Air 38mm Water 19mm
Shank Size 1.25 in x 1.25 in lugged chuck 32 mm x 32 mm lugged chuck