PHQ250JHMAVL Jackleg Drills

  • New Anti-Vibration handle reduces HAVS effect 50%
  • Balanced to provide drillers ease of operation
  • All controls located at the backhead of the drill
  • Push button control for quick leg retraction.
  • Front end porting for full lubrication of chuck parts
  • Sustained high penetration to the bottom of the hole
  • Torque sufficient to install mechanical rock bolts.
  • Water pressure can be regulated automatically
  • Sure-lock steel puller mounted on front end.
  • New and improved pusher leg - corrosion proof.
  • Parts interchangeable with Secan 250 & Canun 260

PHQ's new Vibration Dampened Jackleg Control Handle was developed in partnership with Université de Sherbrooke and CANMET-MMSL at the request of SOREDEM and funded by several major Mining Companies and Le Institut de Recherché Robert-Sauvé en Santé et en Sécurité du Travail (IRSST). PHQ and CANMET featured the new handle at CIM2006 in Vancouver, at PDAC2006 in Toronto and will demonstrate again at CIM2007 in Montreal. Testing has been completed at IamGold - Mouska, WestDome - Kiena, Agnico Eagle - Laronde, and IamGold - Sleeping Giant in Quebec as well as GoldCorp - Hoyle Pond Porcupine Joint Venture in Ontario. The test results have proven the anti-vibration handles reduce damaging vibration at the operators hand by 60 percent and the handles were well received by drill operators. The handle is built to be durable and requires no more maintenance than standard handles. The first production run of 75 handles was completed March 16th followed by a second run of 125 handles completed in mid-April 2007. The anti-vibration handles will replace standard backheads and handles in existing fleets of Secan 250 and Canun 260 drills. Over fifty handles now out on test.

  • Larger mating faces cylinder & front end (longer life)
  • Stainless steel pusher rod available* in leg (no corrosion)
  • Improved bucket arrangement in leg (longer life)
  • 3" Stainless Legs available* (more push - less bounce)
  • Standard or Muffled drills (noise reduction)
  • available* at nominal additional cost
  • Air Connection: 3/4 inch BSP
  • Water Connection: 1/2 inch BSP
  • Force: 78lb-ft at 90psi - 35.8kf at 620kPa
  • Air Hose Size: 1 inch - 25mm
  • Water Hose Size: 3/4" - 12mm
  • Torque: 210-250lbf-ft 90psi – 29-35kgf-m at 620kPa
Jackleg PHQ250JHSL
FeedLeg 51″x 2.7″ 1295mm x 68mm
Rotation 1 in 30 Upstroke
Blows/Min 2300@90psi 2300@620kPa
Cylinder Bore 3.125″ 79.4mm
Cylinder Stroke 2.625″ 67.7mm
Chuck Size 7/8″ hex 4 1/4
FeedLeg Weight 30 lb 13.6 kg
Weight w/ Leg 101 lb 46.7kg
Leg Force 536 ft/lb @90 psi
Air Consumption 180 cfm @ 90 psi 5.1cu m/m@620kPa

AV Handle vs Standard

Vibration from AV Handle

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