Four Way Air Valves

Joy 4 way valves are preferred for operating pneumatic cylinders.

The body is rugged forged steel for durability and strength.

The handle is malleable iron for flexibility and shock resistance.

Interior parts are precision ground to minimize leakage.

We regret discontinuance of 1 1/2" size due to lack of demand.
We still have some parts in stock to repair 1 1/2" valves

Valves are used to remotely actuate and control double acting pneumatic cylinders.

The tension of the spring on the brass disc causes "self-lapping" of the brass disc face against the steel body plate, honing the brass disc, preventing leakage from developing.

Valves are assembled with three capscrews and nuts making it easy to open and repair.

Valves are available with a "dead-man" control spring for the handle.

Valve has four ports:

  • One air inlet
  • Two working ports
  • One exhaust port

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