• Balanced to provide drillers ease of operation
  • Front end porting for full lubrication of chuck parts
  • Sustained high penetration to the bottom of the hole
  • Water pressure can be regulated automatically
  • Spring loaded handle reduce transmission of vibration
  • Spring loaded handle eliminates operator fatigue
  • Sure-lock steel puller mounted on front end
  • Light weight easy handling high frequency drill

Sinker PHQ220JHMAV
Rotation 1 in 30 Upstroke
Blows/Min 2175@72psi 2175@500kPa
Cylinder Bore 2.677″ 68mm
Cylinder Stroke 2.165″ 54mm
Chuck Size 7/8″ hex 4 1/4″ 22mm hex 108mm
Weight 60 lb 27 kg
Air Consumption 1117 cfm @ 72 psi 3.3cu m/m@500kPa

Light weight high frequency drill

Spring loaded ergonomic “T” handle

Standard or Muffled drills (noise reduction)

Performs well at low air pressure and low consumption

Air Connection 3/4 inch BSP
Water Connection 1/2 inch BSP
Air Hose Size 1 inch – 25mm
Cylinder Bore 3/4″ – 12mm

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