Joy SK60M Sinker Drills

The Joy SK60M is a compact, light, muffled pneumatic rockdrill suitable for various down-drilling applications.

The powerful impact, and ease of operation make the JOY Sinker an ideal shaft sinking drilling tool. The drill is useful for innumerable small surface jobs. (E.G. block-holing oversize in a quarry).

The SK60M is a 3 1/8″ piston drill with a collared 4 1/4″ by 7/8″ hex chuck.

Fatigue is reduced by using spring mountings for the holding handle.

A front handle which doubles as a foot bar completes the ease-of-handling features of this light-weight yet rugged drill. SK60M

Continuous front end air blowing prevents cuttings and sludge from entering the drill fronthead. Air flow delivers lubrication to the front of the drill, saves wear of chuck insert, chuck and piston.


Joy drills provide higher torque for roof bolting requirements Heavy duty control handle has control knob to adjust leg pressure. Bleed button allows stoper to drop quickly after the hole is completed. Exclusive flap design reduces muffler back pressure Heavy duty backhead has rugged air and water hose connection threads. Optional water regulating valve for conditions of high water pressure.


Piston rod is made from stainless steel for longer life. Exclusive patented packing and rod wipers provide exceptionally long life. Prevent scoring cylinders and piston if the leg is dented. Stop noise transmission, acts as a buffer, to reduce shock on parts. End cap welded to rod

SAL60M Muffled Stoper & AL60M Muffled Jackleg Drills

ITEM SAL60M Stoper AL60M Jackleg
Feed Leg 31″ Stroke 787mm 48″ x 3″ Stainless 1219mm x 76mm
Rotation 1 in 30 Upstroke 1 in 30 Upstroke
Cylinder Bore 3 1/8″ 79.4mm 3 1/8″ 79.4mm
Cylinder Stroke 2 1/2″ 63.5mm 2 1/2″ 63.5mm
Chuck Size 7/8″ hex 4 1/4″ 7/8″ hex 4 1/4″
Feed Leg Weight Included 30 lb 13.5 kg
Mach. Weight 101 lb 45.7kg 101 lb 45.7kg
Air Consumption 200 cfm @ 90 psi 5.66 cu m/m 200 cfm @ 90 psi 5.66 cu m/m

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