PHQ 21002 Remote Control Panels

  • Flat bottom for easy mounting
  • Outlet holes threaded to same size for simplicity
  • Rugged cast steel construction
  • Interchangeable modular components

PHQ Remote Control Panels have five levers to control the flow of compressed air supply to drill throttle, rotation forward and reverse, drill feed motor assembly forward and reverse and centralizer opening and clamping as well as controls for the flow of flushing water or blowing air to the drill flushing system.

PT# E588 Remote Control Panels have a single 1 ½” air inlet and used primarily for lower air flow requirements of Rifle Bar Rotation Rockdrills.

PT#21002 Remote Control Panels have double 1 ½” air inlets to supply the higher air flow requirements of the larger Independent Rotation Rockdrills.

Use with Atlas Copco BBC120, Gardner Denver DH123 or PR123, Seco (Secan) S36 or S36-IR, and PHQ36-IR.

PHQ Remote Controls are customized to operate most makes of Long-hole Drill Assemblies


21002 Remote Control Panel with five levers for Independent Rotation Drills GD-PR123, Seco S36-IR, PHQ36-IR has double air inlet.

E588 Remote Control Panel with five levers for Rifle Bar Rotation Drills GD-DH123, Seco S36, Copco BBC120 has single air inlet.

Custom designed assemblies available for other uses such as; E5884L Remote Control Panel with four levers.

ITEM 21002 (Not Shown) E588 (Shown)
Levers 5 5
Height 13″ – 330mm 13″ – 330mm
Length 25″ – 635mm 20″ – 508mm
Width 6″ – 152mm 6″ – 152mm
Weight 25lb – 11kg 20lb – 9kg

Remote Control

Automatic Lock on the Rotation Valve