PHQ Global (Parts HeadQuarters Inc.)
Celebrates 31ST Anniversary

PHQ was formed thirty one years ago to supply pneumatic underground drills and related mining equipment, a full range of replacement parts and mining hardware.

PHQ advanced in manufacturing complete long-tom and long-hole drill carriers, percussion drills, drill feeds, controls, gasoline, pneumatic and hydraulic, diamond drills, high pressure water pumps, diamond bits, drill strings core-barrels and accessories.

PHQ as part of a consortium researched vibration dampening for pneumatic hand held drills and have succeeded in inventing technology that reduces the transmission of harmful vibration to drillers hand/arm by over 50%. Anti-Vibration BackHeads and Handles are patented, and will form an integral component in our all new PHQ230 Jackleg Drill

Parts HeadQuarters continually strives toward excellence and wants to become your single source for all types of light portable Pneumatic Mining and Exploration Drilling Equipment.


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